Site News:

2/5/13 - Pictures from Paris and elsewhere are now available in this gallery.  
     Trying out a new gallery style; both with this one and with one that bugged out somewhere in there. Hopefully it will make it less painful for me to update them and that will happen more often.

In other news: an engineer friend of mine and I are organizing a philosophical society for artists and scientists to present their work to each other and discuss it. Many things still need to be nailed down such as who exactly should be involved, how big should the group be, whether we should make some kind of publication and if we have a two drink minimum.  Watch this space for further developments.

8/28/12 - Returned from Summer Creative Residence Program at Eccole Parsons, Paris.

Night's Proud Garden now part of a collaborative work with the composing duo of Beleza Flux. (Click on Works 2012 and check out the other pieces as well.)

5/10/12 - New set added in Photographs, Night's Proud Garden.
                I will be appearing at AS220 in Providence, RI on Tue. June 5th alongside my old schoolmate, the lovely and talented Brittonie Fletcher.  Come by and check us out!

9/14/11 - General cleanup done and a new section.

8/12/11 - Midnight - We are open for business!  Hello world!